How Do You Catch a Chipmunk?


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To catch a chipmunk, place a baited live trap in the affected area. Set the trap after baiting it for several days, and release or euthanize the animal after it is captured. Refer to local regulations to determine the proper methods for releasing or euthanizing nuisance animals.

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  1. Pre-bait the trap

    Bait a wire-mesh trap with seeds, peanut butter or grains. Remove other food sources, including bird feeders, to encourage the animal to eat from the trap. Allow the chipmunk to eat the bait inside the trap for several days before setting it.

  2. Set the trap

    Once the chipmunk is eating from the trap regularly, bait and set the trap to capture the chipmunk. Check the trap at least once daily, and remove any animals that have been captured. If the weather is extreme, check the traps more frequently to prevent dehydration and other illnesses.

  3. Release the chipmunk

    It is necessary to follow local regulations when releasing a chipmunk. For instance, some states require releasing trapped animals on the same contiguous property where the animal is trapped to prevent the spread of disease. The animal can be euthanized if release is prohibited by local regulations. Carbon dioxide chambers are typically recommended if the animal is euthanized.

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