Do Catalytic Oven Liners Work?


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Catalytic oven liners are effective for light cleaning, but they are uncommon in modern ovens. Pyrolytic and steam-cleaning oven liners are more popular cleaning technologies in newer ovens, as of 2015.

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Ovens with catalytic liners are also called continuous cleaning ovens. These oven liners have a rough finish to spread grease and stains out over a wide surface. The enamel coating on the liners contains metal oxides and other catalytic substances, which react with food deposits. This reaction burns the food deposits at standard baking temperatures, rather than the high temperatures required by other self-cleaning ovens.

Pyrolytic ovens use the most popular self-cleaning technology. The enamel coating on these liners is smooth, and these ovens do not continuously clean themselves at standard temperatures. Instead, they have a timed cleaning cycle that brings the oven up to temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees. The high temperatures burn food deposits into easily-cleaned ash.

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