Do Cat Deterrent Sprays Work?


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Cat deterrent sprays work to discourage cats from jumping and resting in specific areas, as well as chewing things. There are many different brands and types of deterrents, including homemade sprays.

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Do Cat Deterrent Sprays Work?
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Bitter Apple Spray cat repellent is very effective when repelling cats. It’s an extremely sour-tasting spray that needs to be reapplied frequently for the best use. Repellents come in various forms, such as alarms, training systems and pellets. Shake Away Outdoor Repellent is a grainy substance containing the odor of fox and coyote urine. This keeps cats away after smelling a superior predator. The Sticky Paws Cat Repellent is double-sided tape that irritates cats until they break the bad habits.

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