How Do Cast Iron Griddles Compare to Non-Stick Surface Griddles?


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Old-fashioned cast iron griddles are heavy, suitable for a wide range of cooking stoves and are durable. However, nonstick griddles are made from lightweight aluminum with a nonstick polymer coating on the cooking surface and save on energy by using less to heat up, according to Treehugger.

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Both cast iron and nonstick griddles are useful for sautéing and frying. Also, both surfaces are susceptible to scratching through the use of sharp kitchen instruments such as knives and forks. However, cast iron griddles are more durable and can be used with many cooking appliances, including ovens, broilers, and electric and gas stoves. Additionally, cast iron pans build a baked-on film of oils and liquids that lend them a non-stick effect over time. Cast iron griddles should not be cleaned with soap or steel wool to lengthen their lifetime, as stated by The Kitchn.

In contrast, non-stick griddles are best used with low-output electric stoves with precise heat controls. While they can be used with gas stoves, cooks should only use them to stir-fry water-containing foods. Nonstick griddles need less energy for heating, conserve water when washing and are easier to clean. Also, it is best not to overheat a dry non-stick pan to avoid the release of any hazardous vapors from its polymer coating.

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