What Is the Cash for Appliances Rebate Program?


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The cash for appliances rebate program offered rebates on purchases of home appliances that were certified by the Energy Star program. The U.S. Department of Energy announced the funding for this project in July of 2009, and the program closed in all U.S. States and territories in February of 2012.

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The Energy-Efficient Appliance Rebate Program was a state-run rebate program designed to help make American homes more energy efficient and to stimulate the economy. The program was backed by an initial $300 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Each state was in charge of its own cash for appliances program. States had the authority to select which residential Energy Star-qualified appliances to include in their programs and to determine the rebate amount for each appliance.

The Department of Energy initially recommended that states focus their efforts on heating and cooling equipment, appliances and water heaters due to their great energy savings potential. Categories included in the rebate program were air conditioners, heat pumps, boilers, furnaces and washing machines. Other categories included dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators and water heaters. All consumers needed to do to qualify for the rebate program was purchase any qualifying Energy Star appliance. Trading in an old appliance was not necessary for qualification.

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