What Does a Carrier Transicold Transport Refrigeration Unit Look Like?


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As of 2016, a Carrier Transicold transport refrigeration unit looks like a large, sometimes white, crate that receives transportation either by trucks or as a marine container on ships. The transport refrigeration unit often carries the logo or name of the company, and it contains cooling technology on the inside to preserve food.

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Carrier used model 7K refrigeration compressors in its early transport refrigeration units in the 1940s, improving on the ice-and-salt or dry-ice-and-gravity-flow refrigeration units that other companies utilized. This later evolved into a Type 68D unit that had a high-speed compressor and four-cylinder gasoline engine.

As of 2016, Carrier Transicold's transport refrigeration units and other units took on a more streamlined appearance, and they also use fewer moving parts. Current units range in sizes that include 53-foot trailers and 72-foot intermodal containers and railcars. Controls connected to the units maintain proper temperature and humidity levels for the refrigerators, while other controls maintain fuel consumption, emissions and sound levels. The company seeks to construct and maintain its transport refrigeration units according to environmentally friendly technology. Modern units include the Vector trailer unit, which has all-electric refrigeration technology.

Items that Carrier Transicold's transport refrigeration units carry include food, pharmaceuticals, biologics and industrial chemicals.

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