Are Carrier HVAC Thermostats More Efficient Than Other Brands?


On the whole, Carrier HVAC thermostats tend to be on par with other thermostats on the market. However, the Carrier Infinity thermostat has ranked as the most efficient model offered by the brand, as reviewed by WebHVAC.

The Carrier Infinity line of thermostats falls within the smart thermostat segment of the market, providing homeowners with a higher level of functionality and automation for their home HVAC system. This means that homeowners can use their HVAC system much more efficiently due to features such as easy seven-day programmability, automatic fan speed, over-size buttons, phone monitoring, easy adjustment and zoning control.

Noted as being among the easiest to use in its lineup, this particular Carrier product features simple controls that allow homeowners to program their settings easily and make use of its full suite of features.

Overall, programmable thermostats of any kind are more efficient than other thermostat models, as they give homeowners the opportunity to choose when and how their HVAC systems are being used. The ability to turn the HVAC system off during the day while nobody is home or to automate temperature controls during the night keeps the HVAC system from running when unnecessary, thereby leading to big energy savings.