How Do Carrier Furnaces Compare to Other Furnaces?


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According to consumer reviews listed on FurnaceCompare.com as of 2015, Carrier furnaces rank 49th out of 77 possible brands of furnaces listed on their website. Some reviews go on to denounce the furnace brand for its low quality and tendency to break down quickly.

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Another review site, ConsumerAffairs.com, lists a great deal of negative reviews about Carrier appliances as of 2015. These reviews list problems with needing to maintain the parts in the heating appliances frequently, as well as leaks and other problems. However, some reviews, listed by technicians who have placed their own reviews of the brands, paint a contrasting picture of the brand.

Based off of reviews by these technicians, problems that arise in Carrier brand furnaces come from improper installation by the technicians themselves. These concerned technicians describe the problems as being a result of inexperience on the part of distributors, and warn customers that Carrier products are high quality, but that quality does not amount for much if the technician installing the furnace does not know what they are doing.

In summary, Carrier furnaces have mixed reviews, with most of the reviews attributed to needing maintenance constantly. Based off of conflicting information, these problems arise only because the maintenance technicians are installing the devices improperly. The best way to ensure that a Carrier brand furnace lasts is to find a quality local technician to install it.

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