What Are Some Carport Floor Plans?


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Carport floor plans generally appear as semi-detached or freestanding designs and feature a variety of layouts that may accommodate a single car or multiple cars, or allow for additional storage space within the structure. Some floor plans feature open walls, while others consist of full enclosures that may also contain doors on the car entry points.

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Floor plans for semi-detached carports always share at least one common wall with the home, meaning they typically also include full walls on all sides. Some of these floor plans may include doorways between the house and the carport, though many only offer a single entryway for both cars and people. Many of these floor plans feature a square storage area sized to fit a single car or a rectangular space that allows for two cars, either through one open area or two sectioned entry points. A variation on the semi-detached plan uses open walls and only provides top covering for the cars, sometimes existing as part of the main driveway for the house.

Freestanding carport floor plans share no walls or other components with the home and as such may feature walls or open sides. These floor plans may contain a two-sided slanted roof to prevent the buildup of leaves, snow or rain and include square or rectangular shapes. The plans for carports with no walls may also feature slanted roofs, though these styles also frequently feature flat or single slanted roof designs.

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