What Are Some Carpet Cleaning Tips?


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There are various ways of cleaning a carpet depending on the type of carpet, the stain involved and equipment needed in the cleaning. Regular carpet cleaning makes subsequent cleaning easier. Vacuum the carpet once a week, especially in dirt-prone areas.

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Attack stains when they are still fresh to prevent them from getting deeper into the carpet. When using a new detergent, test it on a small, hidden area before using it on the entire carpet. Use powdered detergents and baking soda to remove strong odors. Sprinkle on the carpet and let sit for at least thirty minutes; waiting overnight usually gives better results. Vacuum the carpet after the delay.

Dilute the carpet shampoo as directed in the packaging. Avoid using too much shampoo or getting the carpet too wet. Vacuum all excess shampoo. When cleaning very dirty carpets, pass the cleaning machine over the carpet multiple times to remove dirt that might be trapped between fibers. After cleaning, place the carpet in a well-aerated place to dry. When cleaning stained spots, place an old towel over the spot to prevent it from getting dirty when wet. For chewing gum stains, place ice blocks on the gum, wait for about twenty minutes and pry it off.

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