What Are Some Carpet Cleaning Methods?


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Basic methods of cleaning the carpet include hot water extraction, low-moisture cleaning, carpet shampoo method and using a dry, absorbent compound. Other carpet cleaning methods include encapsulation and in-plant cleaning. A person can choose to combine different cleaning methods such as hot water extraction and shampoo.

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What Are Some Carpet Cleaning Methods?
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The carpet shampoo method involves generation of foam in the carpet and then allowing it to dry so that the residue attracts the soil, followed by vacuuming. The products used in the shampoo have ingredients that have very high foam levels to prevent wetting, the foam is very stable and leaves a non-sticky residue after drying. The shampoo has high lubricity properties to prevent damage to the carpet fibers.

The steam cleaning or hot water extraction method uses a portable equipment to spray a detergent solution at high temperature and pressure, followed by extraction of the detergent from the carpet alongside the dirt suspended in it. This method uses fewer chemicals due to the intense heat involved. Carpets cleaned using this method dry fast due to the utilization of truck-powered machinery that has an exceptional suction capability.

Low-moisture carpet cleaning method uses an absorbent pad on a rotary equipment. Detergent solution sprayed on the carpet helps suspend dirt particles while the rotary machine agitates and removes the solution.

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