How Do You Care for a Zygocactus?

A Zygocactus, which is also known as a Christmas cactus, requires enough water to keep the soil moist and prefers to grow in a location with bright sunlight. Zygocacti are hardy and easy-to-grow plants that survive even if you accidentally treat them as if they were ordinary houseplants.

Zygocactus plants like soil that is moist. Be sure to not let the pot overflow or become too soggy. Water every time the soil becomes dry on the surface.

Cacti thrive best in direct, bright sunlight if they are indoors. Windowsills are perfect locations for these colorful plants. If you decide to plant the cactus outside, plant your Zygocactus in light shade in mild weather. Never allow these plants to be in frost.

Use a porous soil made by mixing high quality soil with perlite or pumice. Pre-packaged cactus soil mix is great to use if it is available. Christmas cacti respond well to a dose of diluted fertilizer every two to three weeks.

Planting in a clay pot makes the soil dry out faster. Zygocactus plants are excellent in hanging baskets and indoors.

Christmas cacti express butterfly-like flowers in many different colors during late October through early January. Stop fertilizing in early September to allow the buds to set.