How Do You Care for a Yerba Buena Plant?

How Do You Care for a Yerba Buena Plant?

How Do You Care for a Yerba Buena Plant?

To care for yerba buena plants, grow them in a shaded area, water them appropriately, dust them during the summer, prune the overgrown branches, and harvest and store the leaves. A garden hose, pruning shears and an airtight container are needed. Caring for yerba buena plants is not difficult.

  1. Provide an appropriate amount of shade

    Yerba buena plants thrive in areas with minimal sunlight. Provide the plant with full to partial shade.

  2. Water the plant as needed

    During the summer, water the plant lightly on a weekly basis. When the plant matures, natural rain patterns should suffice. Be sure to provide additional water during times of drought.

  3. Remove dust when necessary

    During the summer, use a hose to spray dust off of the leaves, as this provides hydration and improves the plant's aesthetic appeal. Spray the leaves in the morning so that the plant can dry before nightfall.

  4. Prune overgrown branches

    When stems become larger than desired, trim them with pruning shears. If the plant is to be used for tea, prune the top of the stems right before the blossoms.

  5. Harvest and store the leaves

    After harvesting the plant's leaves, store them in an airtight container to prevent spoilage.