How Do You Care for Wood Floors?


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Care for hardwood floors by sweeping up dirt, mopping carefully, quickly removing excess moisture and removing marks. Take care to use only products approved for hardwood floors.

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Sweep dirt from hardwood floors to prevent small particles from scratching the floor. A dust mop sprayed with a dusting agent helps remove minute dirt specks. Use a high-quality broom for best results. In addition to sweeping, using a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar — or with the brushes turned off — helps remove even more tiny pieces of dirt. A vacuum hose is very effective at removing dirt from the corners and along baseboards.

Mop floors with a mop or rag dipped into a solution of water and cleaning solution approved for hardwood floors. Vinegar and water is also acceptable to use for mopping. Take care not to use products with ammonia or those that leave a residue on the floor.

Wipe up any spills or excess moisture immediately. The longer liquid sits on hardwood floors, the more likely damage to the floor is to occur. When mopping floors, use as little water as possible, and thoroughly wring out mops before cleaning. Use a ceiling or box fan to help the floors dry quickly.

Remove scuff marks on hardwood floors by scrubbing with a soft cloth and dish soap, or use very fine steel wool to rub floor wax into the scuff. Vinegar may also remove stubborn marks.

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