How Do You Care for the Wood in Antique Carved Chairs?

To care for the wood in antique carved chairs, dust the surface on a weekly basis and occasionally polish the surface with wax and a soft cloth. Keep the piece out of direct sunlight and control dry conditions in the room.

Refinishing and touching up antique furniture can diminish its value. Collectors value original finishes, so it is very important to take proper care of the existing wood finish on an antique chair. To maintain the wood on a carved chair, run through the following steps.

  1. Clean the chair regularly
  2. To clean the chair, dust it on a weekly basis with a soft cloth. If the chair is dirty, apply some warm water and facial soap to a pad of paper towels and use them to carefully clean away the dirt. Always complete this process before applying wax.

  3. Apply wax
  4. Always use wax to polish antique furniture. Oil can darken the wood, which reduces its value. Wax the chair once or twice per year after a thorough cleaning or when the shine on the surface starts to dull. To apply wax, spread a very thin coat onto the chair.

  5. Let the wax sit
  6. Let the wax sit for one hour.

  7. Buff the chair
  8. Use a soft cloth to buff the chair. Use circular motions or work along the grain to remove the wax.

  9. Store the chair properly
  10. Dry air and direct sunlight can damage antique wood. To maintain the chair's finish, keep the chair away from direct sunlight and use a humidifier to maintain the humidity levels in the room.