How Do You Care for a Weeping Snow Fountain Cherry Tree?

Garden Guides explains that caring for a weeping snow fountain cherry tree requires mulching, fertilizing, watering and pruning. If cared for correctly, this tree awards its gardener with white blossoms and colorful fall foliage.

Begin caring for a weeping snow fountain cherry tree by planting it correctly. Place the tree in a hole that is at least twice as large as its root ball, and use soil that has been combined with light, organic mulch. Before the tree is placed in the hole, the roots need to be loosened. After the tree is in the hole, the hole needs to be filled with the soil and mulch mixture. The tree must be watered well after transplantation. Mulch the area around the tree, but make sure the mulch does not touch the trunk. To keep the tree standing straight, tie it to a sturdy stake that has been inserted into the ground.

This tree needs to be watered two or three times a week during the hottest parts of the growing season. It also needs to be fertilized once a year in the early spring with a 10-10-10 ratio fertilizer. Dead or drooping limbs, shoots and suckers need to be pruned.