How Do You Care for a Wandering Jew Plant?


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People care for a wandering Jew plant by placing it in a good location, using the right kind of soil, watering it thoroughly, fertilizing it occasionally and repotting as necessary. This plant is a fairly low-maintenance plant that thrives in indoor and outdoor environments.

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Place the wandering Jew plant in a location that receives partial sun. Although the plant can live in full sun, the leaves yellow and lose their rich, green color if exposed to too much sun. Use well-drained soil or potting mix that is rich in organic matter. If the plant is a potted wandering Jew, compost the soil so it is humus-rich. Fertilize the plant every year before it begins growing. Use controlled-release, balanced or liquid fertilizer.

Give the plant plenty of water, especially during the growing season. Make sure the soil drains and dries before watering it again, otherwise root rot can develop. Because wandering Jew is considered a creeping plant, prune it to control its spread and growth. Remove or pinch off the growing tips of the plant; this encourages the plant to grow bushy instead of long. Repot the plant as necessary. Another option is to take cuttings of the plant, suspend them in water until roots form and then replace the plant with the cuttings.

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