How Do You Care for Vinca Ground Cover?


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Known for its large, lavender-blue flowers, Vinca ground cover spreads quickly and is ideal for filling vast areas. It is especially useful for landscaping under shrubs and trees and for controlling erosion. For beautiful ground cover, plant the Vinca in an area where its leaves are protected from winds and harsh exposure to sun.

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  1. Dig a large hole for the plant

    Vinca ground cover grows in a range of conditions, but it does extremely well in fertile soil with a neutral to slightly acidic pH and excellent drainage. Make the hole as deep as the plant’s nursery pot and twice as wide as the root ball.

  2. Place the plants apart from each other

    Put the Vinca ground cover at least 5 feet apart. For faster coverage, plant the ground cover 2 1/2 to 3 feet apart. Spread mulch in the empty space between the young plants. This keeps weeds to a minimum until the plants are established and fill in the space.

  3. Soak the plant

    Keep young plants well-watered until they are rooted. Provide a deep soaking every week if rainfall is spotty.

  4. Add more flowers

    Mow older Vinca ground cover plants on a high setting in early spring to help reinvigorate them. Add more plants by dividing established plants with a garden fork in the spring or fall seasons. After dividing the plants, provide a deep weekly watering until the roots are established.

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