How Do You Care for a Venus Fly Trap?

How Do You Care for a Venus Fly Trap?

Venus flytraps are interesting plants that receive part of their nutrition by digesting flies and other small flying insects. To care for a Venus flytrap, you must provide a good environment, feed the plant, and allow the plant to rest.

  1. Provide the proper environment

    Transplant the specimen to a terrarium to maintain the humidity. You need sphagnum moss and sand in equal portions for the potting medium. The moss retains water while the sand ensures proper drainage. Mix well and transplant the plant. These plants thrive in a minimum of 50 percent relative humidity. If you do not transplant them, keep the dome on the plastic container that came with the plant to ensure proper humidity.

  2. Feed the plant

    Don't feed your plant fertilizer. Provide a meal of two to three flies or other small live insects once every one to two months. Don't give the plant raw meat. Raw meat causes the plant to rot. While it is interesting to see the plant close its trap, avoid triggering the closure artificially to prevent loss of the trap structure and death of the plant.

  3. Allow the plant to rest

    These plants remain green and catch insects during the warmer half of the year. As days become shorter, they enter a dormant period. Don't throw the plant out if the leaves die back. It is probably entering the dormant state. With proper care, the leaves sprout again in a few months.