How Do You Take Care of a Venus Fly Trap?

How Do You Take Care of a Venus Fly Trap?

To care for a Venus flytrap, provide it with a warm, moist environment in poor, acidic soil. If the plant is outdoors, it does not need to be fed, but for an indoor plant, release live flies into the terrarium every month or so.

  1. Plant and water the flytrap

    Venus flytraps can be grown outdoors in USDA zones 8 to 10, and they thrive best in full sunlight and acidic soil with good drainage. In colder climates, grow Venus flytraps indoors in a terrarium with soil made of one-third sand and two-thirds peat moss. If indoors, keep the Venus flytrap out of direct sunlight in the summer as light coming through glass can cause the plant to overheat. If the plant is potted, make sure to keep the Venus flytrap moist, but not wet. Spray the plant with distilled water, since tap water may be too alkaline.

  2. Feed the plants

    As an outdoor plant, the Venus flytrap gets enough food on its own. Indoors, you need to feed the plant live flies or other small insects every month or so.

  3. Allow the Venus flytrap to rest

    If the plant is outdoors, it goes dormant during the winter. The leaves die back and the plant appears to be dead. To achieve winter dormancy indoors, place the Venus flytrap in a space, such as a garage, where the temperature remains between 35 to 50 F. As spring arrives, gradually increase the temperature and amount of light the plant receives.