How Do You Care for Tulip Bulbs Until You Can Replant Them?

How Do You Care for Tulip Bulbs Until You Can Replant Them?

Protect tulip bulbs by minimizing storage time, selecting a cool, dry location to store the bulbs, and protecting the bulbs from freezing. Replant the bulbs at the appropriate time.

  1. Minimize the storage time

    If ordering bulbs from a seed catalog, ask the representative to ship them at the appropriate time for planting in your region. If buying bulbs locally, store them until just before planting. Most bulbs are able to withstand a couple of days in less than ideal storage conditions.

  2. Select an appropriate storage location

    Store the bulbs in a cool, dry location. The temperature should be below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not store them near the furnace or other hot spots. Keep bulbs dry until it is time for planting. Avoid areas with bright sunlight or other factors that encourage the bulbs to sprout before you plant them. Protect bulbs from freezing by not storing bulbs in an unheated garage or in other locations where temperatures routinely drop below freezing.

  3. Plant the bulbs

    When the soil is ready to work and the temperatures are within the appropriate range, prepare the planting beds. Plant tulips about 8 inches deep. Cover with soil and water the bulbs to provide the moisture required for the bulbs to sprout.