How Do You Care for a Trellis Mandevilla?


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Care for a trellis mandevilla plant by placing it in a warm area with afternoon shade, watering it regularly, feeding it a high-phosphorus fertilizer, supporting the plant with a trellis and pinching back vines. Inspect the plant regularly for signs of mite and mealybug infestations.

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A trellis mandevilla requires rich, well-drained soil for optimal growth. Plant it in a location where it receives partial sun and sufficient air circulation to prevent mildew. Place the plant close to a fence or trellis for support, or, if it's a potted plant, place a stake in the container. Bring the plant inside when temperatures dip below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water the plant regularly, giving it 1 inch of moisture once the top 2 inches of soil are dry. Never allow the soil to completely dry out. Give the mandevilla a high-phosphorus or bonemeal fertilizer every two weeks during the growing season.

Pinch back vines to encourage the plant to branch out and develop fuller growth. Remove any dead or damaged vines. Prune back any limbs that rub against each other to prevent the development of open sores that can lead to disease. Inspect the plant regularly for signs of infestations, and remove any pests with a spurt of water.

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