What Are Some Care Tips for Weeping Norway Spruce Trees?


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Care tips for a weeping Norway spruce tree include making sure it is planted in an area with full sun exposure, staking the tree while young and routinely pruning its branches to encourage a denser canopy. Most of the care is done in the first year for these trees.

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The ideal location for a weeping Norway spruce tree has at least six hours of direct sunlight per day and acidic soil that drains well. If the tree is planted in a location that is continuously wet or too shady, transplant it while it is still young.

Staking the tree results in a taller tree. The stake needs to be left in place until the tree reaches the desired height. Pruning needs to be done for the first two years until the tree has developed a full canopy.

Weeping Norway spruce trees can be left outdoors during winter months. Keeping them in warm environments results in discolored and dropped needles.

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