How Do You Care for a Ti Plant?


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Care for a ti plant by planting it in moist, nutrient-rich soil, giving it at least partial sun exposure, keeping the soil moist at all times, and keeping the plant at a temperature no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. In tropical locations, ti plants can grow outdoors, but in most temperate locations, they require greenhouses or enclosed flower windows.

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How Do You Care for a Ti Plant?
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Keep your ti plant's soil moist by placing the pot in a bed of gravel and water. Not only does this ensure that the plant's roots never dry out, it also humidifies the air, which ti plants require.

While a ti plant can survive in very low light conditions, it prefers between partial to full sun. Full sun exposure causes the plant's leaves to develop rich, bright colors. However, in full sun, the soil dries out quickly, necessitating more frequent watering. Fluoride causes a ti plant's leaves to wilt and brown at the tips, so only use distilled water if you live in a location with fluoridated tap water.

Ti plants are originally native to Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea, but Polynesian people carried the plants with them as they spread throughout many of the Pacific islands and to parts of Australia. These peoples valued the plant for its starchy rhizomes, similar to taro and other food crops.

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