How Do You Care for Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clocks?


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To maintain a Tempus Fugit grandfather clock, periodically open the back of the clock with slip-joint pliers, and apply oil to the spring in the pivot sections. Place a small amount of clock oil onto the gear mechanisms inside the clock once every three years.

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After oiling the mechanisms inside the clock, carefully remove the pendulum, and verify that the weights are in proper order and pulled up. Each weight should carry an indicator marking it as the left, right or center weight, but the weights can get tangled between one another over time. When reattaching the pendulum, keep in mind that the shiny side of the pendulum should always face front.

After checking the pendulum and gear mechanisms, check the clock face to make sure that the hands are not touching. If the hands are stuck to one another, gently turn the minute hand clockwise, moving it away from the hour hand. Gently bend the minute hand slightly away from the face of the clock if it continues to intersect with the hour hand.

After verifying all of the clock's components, set the time by turning the minute hand to the appropriate time. Turn the minute clockwise to set the time forward or counterclockwise to set the time back.

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