How Do You Care for Sweet Autumn Clematis?


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Care for a sweet autumn clematis by providing it with a support structure, watering it thoroughly, mulching it once a year, fertilizing it with a general purpose fertilizer and pruning it extensively. For proper care, you need water, manure or compost mulch, fertilizer and pruning shears.

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  1. Provide support for the vine

    Provide support for this vine. Plant it against a fence, wall or arbor. Place latticework or trellises by the plant. The plant twines its leaves around these supports and climbs up them.

  2. Water the vine

    Give the sweet autumn clematis at least one inch of water per week during dry weather.

  3. Mulch the vine

    Spread a thick layer of manure or compost mulch around the plant in the fall. This helps the soil to retain moisture as well as provide the plant with nutrients.

  4. Fertilize the vine

    Every spring fertilize the vine using a general purpose fertilizer. Make sure to fertilize before the plant starts to flower.

  5. Prune the vine

    This plant requires extensive pruning in order to control its growth. Never prune it during its first blooming season. After the first season, prune the vine extensively during the winter. Cut it down to 12 inches. Prune as needed during the summer.

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