How Do You Care for a Swamp Rose Mallow?


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The hibiscus moscheutos plant, also known as swamp rose mallow or luna pink swirl, produces large pink and red blossoms. Swamp rose mallows are hardy plants, so maintaining them is easy as long as care is taken to prevent pests and disease.

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  1. Grow them in a sunny area

    Swamp rose mallow plants thrive in full sun. Plant them in an area that receives consistent sunlight throughout the day.

  2. Provide enough water

    Keep the soil moist without saturating it. Feel the soil regularly. If it is dry to the touch within an inch of the surface, water it deeply. Water the plant twice per week or as needed depending on the weather.

  3. Grow swamp rose mallow in healthy soil

    Use a rich, well-drained soil to prevent the plant from becoming over-hydrated. From April until September, apply a water-soluble 10-10-10 fertilizer according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  4. Prune as needed

    To encourage healthy blossoms, remove the tips of new growth on developing plants. Leave between four and six leaves on each branch. Remove spent blossoms and overgrown or dead limbs. At the beginning or end of winter, cut the plant down to ground level.

  5. Control pests

    If you see common hibiscus pests like whiteflies, aphids or Japanese beetles, spray the plant with neem oil or insecticidal soap. Discontinue treatment when the infestation subsists.

  6. Prevent and treat fungus

    If you notice fungal growth, reduce watering, and provide plenty of air circulation. Remove affected leaves and blossoms. Apply a fungicidal spray to eliminate fungus.

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