How Do You Care for a Strawflower?


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Care for strawflower by keeping the soil moist and well drained. In typical summer weather, water them once weekly. However, when weather is hot and humid, water strawflower two to three times weekly to prevent them from dying. The Garden Helper suggests planting these short-lived perennials in full sun or partial shade to promote the best bloom and rigor. Feed strawflower plants monthly with a low phosphorus fertilizer.

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For strawflowers that grow in excess of 2 feet, North American Farmer recommends staking the plants to prevent damage from strong winds and rains in the summer months. Strawflowers are prone to mildew and other types of diseases. However, this may be prevented by not over watering. If mildew or disease develop, use organic fungicides and pesticides to eradicate them.

Strawflowers are highly variable with varieties growing 2 to 3 feet tall and other dwarf varieties topping out at just 20 inches. Flowers are typically 2 to 3 inches across and are available in colors including yellow, rose, orange, red, white and pink. Strawflowers bloom from midsummer up until the first frost of the season. Strawflowers are commonly used for drying due to their low moisture content and impressive blooms. They are native to Australia.

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