How Do You Care for a Stephanotis Plant?


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Care for a stephanotis plant by placing it in a bright location, watering it regularly, fertilizing it at least once a year and pruning it in the late winter. Because this plant can't live in temperatures that drop below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, plant it in a pot you can keep indoors year-round or bring it indoors during a cold winter.

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Plant a stephanotis in bright light for full flowering. If it's an indoors plant, place it at a bright window, but a few feet from direct sunlight to prevent scorched foliage. This plant has vines that can grow up to 30 feet long, so place it by a trellis or fence that it can climb when setting it outside.

Water the plant well once the top couple of inches of soil start to feel dry. The moisture needs to saturate the roots or, for potted plants, seep through the container's drainage holes. Reduce watering in the winter. The stephanotis also requires a humid environment. Place the pot on a wet tray of pebbles or mist the plant with a spray bottle.

Feed an outdoor stephanotis an even ratio general-purpose fertilizer in the spring. Feed an indoor plant more often or twice a month. Water the plant after fertilization to prevent burning the roots. During the winter, snip back any dead or damaged limbs.

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