How Do You Care for Snapdragon Flowers?

How Do You Care for Snapdragon Flowers?

How Do You Care for Snapdragon Flowers?

Snapdragons are an excellent addition to any flower garden, as they produce vibrant blossoms in nearly every color. Caring for them is not difficult, but they do require regular attention and maintenance.

  1. Provide appropriate sunlight and shade amounts

    Snapdragons thrive in full sunlight to partial shade. They may not bloom in exceptionally hot climates.

  2. Water snapdragons regularly

    For the first few weeks, keep snapdragons consistently moist. When the plants are mature, give them approximately 1 inch of water on a weekly basis. Adjust the watering schedule accordingly if it rains.

  3. Grow them in the right soil recommends using a neutral soil pH with a balance between 6.2 and 7.0. Use well-drained soil to prevent overwatering.

  4. Fertilize the plants

    Snapdragons have a relatively short lifespan and don't require a lot of food, but adding organic matter helps them thrive to their fullest potential.

  5. Deadhead as necessary

    Remove spent blossoms to encourage a healthy plant and additional flower growth.

  6. Stake tall snapdragons

    Snapdragons can grow to be up to 18 inches tall. If the plant starts leaning under its own weight, gently tie it to a stake to keep it upright.

  7. Prevent pest damage

    Aphids are a common problem with snapdragons. Use a strong hose to spray them off every day until they are gone permanently.