How Do You Care for a Small Outdoor Garden?


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To care for a small outdoor garden, make sure the plants have enough light, and water them regularly. Controlling pests, mulching and knowing when to replant are also important for tending to a garden.

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Know exactly what plants and flowers are in the garden to determine how much light each needs. Some plants need as much sunlight as possible, while others thrive by receiving some shade during the day. If a plant needs indirect sunlight, it means that the sunlight should reach the plant without directly shining on the plant. In this case, try placing the plant on a patio or in a kitchen next to the window. For plants that need diffused light, place them near a curtain or screen.

Watering plants also requires research. Do not provide too much water to the plants and potted flowers because doing so can kill them just as easily as not watering them enough. Watering cans work well because they prevent gardeners from pouring too much water on a plant too quickly. Lukewarm water is usually better to use than cold water. Also, choose pots and containers that have drainage holes.

When putting plants or flowers in a pot, use potting soil instead of soil from the ground. Dampen the soil before it goes into the pot around the plant. Plants usually need extra water when first planted so that the soil is moist enough for it grow into. For plants in the yard, mulching helps reduce weeds and keep them moist after watering.

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