How Do You Care for the Royal Empress Tree?


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Plant the royal empress tree in a sunny spot for maximum growth. The soil should be loosened with a shovel so the roots are able to grow well and fast. The roots need to be well developed and above ground to contend with drought conditions.

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Soaking the roots in a bucket of water for five minutes before planting helps the tree acclimate to the ground. Using a slow-release fertilizer on the tree's roots every two weeks to one month helps to keep the tree healthy. It's important to water the tree regularly during the first year to prepare the tree for drought.

For proper pruning, use a ladder and inspect the tree for weak and damaged limbs. A hand pruner is necessary when cutting. The limbs are alive if they are green on the inside. Dying limbs have brown interiors and should be removed. Cutting a V-shaped joint in places where dead limbs and live limbs intersect is the best course of action. Cutting the crown with pruners is also important because it allows the tree to get more air and light. However, no more than one-fourth of the crown should be removed at a time, to avoid causing stress for the tree.

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