How Do You Care for a Reiger Begonia Plant?

Care for a Reiger begonia plant by making sure it gets indirect sunlight, keeping it in an environment with moderate temperatures, watering it sufficiently, fertilizing it regularly and pruning it extensively.

  1. Place the plant in a good location

    Place your Rieger begonia plant in a location where it receives only indirect light. If the plant is indoors, place it in front of an east-facing window. Make sure the plant is in an area with temperatures between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit at night and between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.

  2. Water the plant sufficiently

    Make sure the plant's soil is always a little moist. Never let the soil dry out completely. Water inside plants just until the water starts to drain out of the holes in the container. Avoid splashing the leaves while watering, as this can cause fungus problems.

  3. Fertilize the plant

    Fertilize the plant once a month during its blooming period. Use water-soluble plant food, flower fertilizer or high-phosphorus liquid plant food.

  4. Prune the plant

    After the plant is done flowering, prune it down to 3 inches. After pruning the plant, do not water it for six weeks. This helps encourage growth and blooming in subsequent seasons.