How Do You Care for a Red Bird of Paradise Plant?

Red bird of paradise plants are perennial desert plants. They produce beautiful red-, orange- and yellow-colored flowers. Because they are tolerant to many growing conditions, caring for them is fairly easy.

  1. Plant after winter is over

    Wait until there is no risk of frost damage before planting red bird of paradise plants.

  2. Provide full sunlight

    Red bird of paradise plants thrive in full sunlight.

  3. Use the right kind of soil

    Red bird of paradise plants don't respond well to clay, heavy soil or poor-draining soils. Use any other type of soil, as long as it drains well.

  4. Fertilize the plants annually

    Once every spring, give red bird of paradise plants organic fertilizer or slow-release fertilizer.

  5. Water the plants regularly

    Horticulture Unlimited recommends watering red bird of paradise plants between four and seven times weekly. During the winter, water them on a monthly basis. Natural rainfall can also suffice, but be sure to supplement their water intake if necessary.

  6. Trim the plants as needed

    Red bird of paradise plants usually grow very quickly, so it may be necessary to keep them trimmed. recommends cutting them down during the winter, as they are hardy plants and tend to return every year.