How Do You Care for a Purple Shamrock Plant?


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Plant the purple shamrock in a container with a draining hole. Choose a potting mix with good drainage, and use liquid fertilizer every two weeks. Wait for the top layer of soil to dry out before watering again. Temperatures above 80 degrees make the purple shamrock go into a dormant state. So place the plant in a cool area and avoid watering when dormant, but feed every other month once blooming ends.

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Choose a spot with bright indirect sunlight. Protect purple shamrocks grown outdoors from the winter by replanting them in pots in the fall and keeping the indoors until May, or by storing dormant bulbs and reactivating them later on.

Take the potted purple shamrock indoors and place it in a window during winter to allow enough sunlight to reach the plant.

To store dormant bulbs during the winter, dig out the plant without damaging the roots, remove as much soil as possible and put the bulbs inside a cardboard box. Once the foliage dries out, cut the foliage close to the soil level and place the bulbs inside a paper bag or cardboard box. Prepare a bed of vermiculite, Canadian peas, dry sphagnum peat moss or wood shavings. Settle the container with the bulbs snugly into the bed to prevent rotting and dryness. Store the bed and the container with the bulbs in a dark place with a temperature between 40 and 50 degrees, but do not freeze the bulbs.

Plant the stored bulbs in the spring 1 inch beneath the soil. Water abundantly and wait four to six weeks for the plants to grow.

Propagate the purple shamrock by dividing the plant into small clumps, carefully separating the roots, and replanting them in different containers.

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