How to Take Care of a Prayer Plant?


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Care for a prayer plant by placing it in bright, indirect sunlight and well-drained soil. Keep the prayer plant moist by misting the leaves with water and placing the pot on a dish filled with pebbles and water. Fertilize the plant every 2 weeks.

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The prayer plant should be propagated in the spring. Dividing the plant gives it room to grow. Take stem cuttings close to the nodes at the bottom of the stem. Wrap the stem cuttings in plastic with a mixture of moist peat and perlite, and place them in a sunny spot to provide conditions that are ideal for growth. Alternately, rooting hormone can be applied directly to a piece of the prayer plant for propagation.

Prayer plants originated in Brazil. They get their name from the way their leaves fold up at night, simulating hands folded in prayer. The leaves unfold in the morning.

The leaves of the prayer plant have a distinguishing pattern of dark green veined with light green and red markings. The leaves obtain a length of approximately 5 inches. Though prayer plants can bloom, they rarely do so indoors. The blooms of the prayer plant are white and have a small, tube-like shape.

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