How Do I Take Care of Potted White Dahlias?

How Do I Take Care of Potted White Dahlias?

How Do I Take Care of Potted White Dahlias?

Dahlias are popular plants that grow well in containers and flower beds. To take care of your potted white dahlias, you need a planting container, gravel, potting soil, water and fertilizer.

  1. Prepare the planting container

    Find a planting container that has plenty of drainage holes. Fill the bottom 1 inch of the container with gravel or pebbles to help the plant drain. Add moisture-rich potting soil on top of the gravel. Fill the container to just 1 inch below the lip of the pot.

  2. Plant the dahlias

    Dig a hole that is 4 to 6 inches deep. Place the dahlia tuber inside, and cover with soil. Make sure the eye of the tuber points upward.

  3. Place the pot in a good location

    Place your potted dahlias in a location where they receive plenty of sun. They need at least eight hours of light a day to grow well.

  4. Water the plant

    Keep the planting soil moist to encourage growth. Water the plant at least once a week or when the soil feels dry.

  5. Fertilize the plant

    Fertilize the dahlias at least once a month. Make sure the dahlias have sprouted first. Either use container-grown plant fertilizer or all-purpose fertilizer. Follow the instructions on the label.