How Do You Care for Potted Tomato Plants?


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Planting tomatoes in pots is an easy way to grow fresh tomatoes in areas where space is limited. Required items include a large pot, potting soil, fertilizer, water, an area with full sun and a tomato plant or seeds.

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How Do You Care for Potted Tomato Plants?
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  1. Give tomato plants room to grow

    Use a large enough pot to be able to plant the tomato plant deeply. This causes the roots to develop from stems under the soil, helping your tomatoes to thrive. Five-gallon buckets are an ideal size for a single plant.

  2. Use the right soil and fertilizer

    Use a high-quality potting soil without nutrients. Blend a multi-purpose, controlled-release fertilizer with the soil. About.com recommends feeding tomato plants fish emulsion fertilizer and diluted liquid kelp meal weekly or bi-weekly.

  3. Provide a balanced amount of water

    Water tomato plants consistently, without soaking them. The soil should stay moist, but too much water causes the roots to rot. Protect the plants when it rains, and check the soil's moistness daily. Use a pot that has plenty of drainage holes, and water the soil directly to prevent fungal growth.

  4. Provide full sun

    Tomato plants require 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight every day. Make sure that the sunlight is consistent and doesn't get blocked by any nearby objects throughout the day.

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