How Do You Care for Potted Gerbera Daisies?

Flamboyant Gerbera daisies produce large, colorful blossoms all year if they are properly cared for. You will need drip trays, fertilizer, pruning shears and pots with drainage holes.

  1. Choose the right location

    Place Gerbera daisies on a window sill or in some other location where they get plenty of bright direct sunlight in spring, summer and fall. In afternoons and during the winter, indirect sunlight is sufficient. For their growth and blossoming, the ideal temperature is around 70 F, but they tolerate temperatures as low as 40 F. Be sure air circulation around the plants is sufficient.

  2. Water and fertilize the daisies

    When the top of the soil becomes dry, water the daisies. This is usually every 3 to 5 days. Water them thoroughly, until water comes out the container's drain hole, then empty out the water in the drip tray. In the winter, less watering is necessary, but avoid letting the soil dry out completely. In spring and summer when the daisies are blossoming, give them liquid fertilizer every 2 to 4 weeks.

  3. Trim and maintain the daisies

    When the blossoms begin to wilt, trim off the flower heads. Whenever you see damaged or dead foliage, cut it back. If the plants begin to manifest leaf spot, which causes light borders and brown spots on leaves, cut off the damaged leaves and treat the plant with fungicide.