How do you take care of potted fig trees?


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Care for a potted fig tree by using well-drained potting soil, watering it regularly and fertilizing the tree every month during its growing season. Lightly prune the tree after the growing season to keep it pot-sized.

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First, choose a fig tree variety that grows well in your climate and self-pollinates. Brown turkey fig trees grow well in colder zones, while Adriatic fig trees thrive in warm climates. Next, choose a light, 15-gallon container for the tree that can be hauled indoors or moved in cold climates. Plant the tree in well-drained, high-quality potting soil mix with compost. Make sure the base of the trunk is at soil level.

Place the plant in a location that gets plenty of direct or partial sun. Water the plant until water runs through the pot's drainage holes once the top 1-inch of soil starts to dry out. Empty the pot's tray immediately, as sitting in water can cause root rot. Fertilize the plant once a month through the growing season to the late summer by soaking a handful of fertilizer, compost or organic material in water overnight, and then pouring it into the pot.

Lightly prune the plant once a year in the fall by trimming back leggy limbs or removing dead and damaged wood. In cold areas, cover the pot and roots in a blanket, and bring the plant indoors during the winter. Apply some dormant oil to remove any pests.

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