How Do You Care for Potted Fig Trees?


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A fig tree, or ficus, with edible fruit can be grown indoors and its height controlled by pruning and the size of its pot, according to SFGate. The tree can reach a height of 18 feet if kept in an area that gets moderate to bright light, and can be transplanted outside in warm, dry climate zones. Negro Largo is the best variety for edible fruit, according to Reader's Digest.

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Fig trees are native to areas that have dry summers and moderate winters. They grow well in rocky or poor soil. An indoor fig should be watered weekly, depending on the ambient humidity. Fig trees should be fertilized during the growing season (spring), or if new growth appears. The plant can be pruned to control its size and shape, using small clippers to snip off top growth above a leaf node or leaf scar. Removing stems from the main branches results in a bushier appearance. Fig trees tend to attract insects called scale, which are identified by a sticky residue deposited on leaves and surrounding surfaces, such as the floor or table. Scale resemble tiny brown spots and can be removed from leaves and branches by wiping them with ammonia or alcohol. The leaves should be dusted regularly, explains SFGate.

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