How Do You Take Care of Potted Ferns?


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Potted ferns thrive in indoor areas with balanced levels of humidity. Therefore, it is important to water potted ferns regularly and to not allow the soil to dry between watering sessions, as this can lead to plant stress. Planting ferns in terra cotta pots and placing the pots in plastic containers helps to maintain an adequate balance of moisture.

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Lush fern plants tend to be difficult to water evenly, so it is important to water them with a long-spouted watering can to ensure that the water falls directly on the center of the soil. Home humidifiers also help to keep an even level of moisture in the room at all times.

A common belief is that ferns thrive in the shade, but ferns actually need filtered light in order to grow properly as they are adapted to the filtered light of rainforests. However, ferns cannot tolerate direct sunlight for extended periods, so it is important to keep fern plants protected from bright midday sun. In rainforests, ferns thrive on a diet of organic matter. Similarly, watering potted ferns with a light liquid fertilizer or placing extended-release dry fertilizer pellets directly into the soil helps the plants maintain a healthy organic balance.

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