How Do You Care for Plastic Skylight Covers?


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Care for plastic skylights includes regular cleaning and basic maintenance to keep dirt and debris clear and prevent scratches and cracks. Cleaning plastic skylights involves wiping down the skylight cover with a soft cloth and non-alcohol or petroleum-based cleaner. To prevent cracks and scratches from occurring or expanding, the plastic should be evenly coated with automobile wax periodically.

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Plastic skylight covers typically are made of either acrylic or polycarbonate. Care for both is similar; the only exception being ammonia cleaners should not be used on polycarbonate skylights. Clean plastic skylights with a soft rag and mild soap and water, or use household ammonia to clean the skylights without causing damage. Stronger cleaners such as gasoline, alcohol or acetone should not be used on either type of plastic skylight. Those solvents cause the plastic to scratch and crack, and they dramatically shorten the effective life of the cover.

The most effective method of maintaining plastic skylights is to evenly apply automotive wax with a soft cloth after cleaning. The wax fills and obscures small scratches and prevents new scratches from occurring. To prevent cracks from spreading, drill small holes at either terminus of the crack and fill them with silicone sealant.

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