How Do You Care for a Pineapple Plant?


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It is possible to propagate pineapple plants from the tops of fruit purchased in supermarkets, but they require warm growing conditions, mulch and feeding. They are drought tolerant and only require watering during long seasons of hot, dry weather.

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How Do You Care for a Pineapple Plant?
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Pineapples are tropical plants that require protection from frost. In areas where damage is likely to occur, plant them in containers small enough to move indoors when the weather turns cold. Mature plants grow up to 6 feet in height and width, taking up to two years before producing flowers and another six months for the fruit to ripen.

Adding bark mulch helps to ensure the potting soil remains the proper pH for pineapples to grow and helps to retain moisture. If planted in the ground, add up to 6 inches of mulch, but keep the 8 inches around the stem clear of mulch to prevent root rot. If plants become top-heavy as they grow, staking provides support to prevent toppling.

Young pineapple plants require feeding on a monthly basis, using a liquid fertilizer. Once plants reach the six-month mark, the mature leaves are susceptible to burn from fertilizer spilled on them. Apply it to the soil around the plant to prevent problems.

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