How Do You Care for a Pieris Japonica?


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Pieris japonica, which is also known as Japanese andromeda, is unique because its foliage changes continuously throughout the seasons. Although it can be fussy at times, Japanese andromeda can be successfully grown as long as attention is paid to detail.

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How Do You Care for a Pieris Japonica?
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  1. Provide appropriate amounts of sunlight

    Japanese andromeda plants prefer an area with full or partial shade.

  2. Use the right soil

    Japanese andromeda plants thrive in rich, well-drained soil. Gardening Know How recommends using a soil with an acidic pH level and a substantial amount of organic matter. For a richer soil, mix in a thick layer of compost. Japanese andromeda does not grow in alkaline soil.

  3. Keep the soil moist

    The soil should be kept consistently moist without saturating it. Water the plant deeply and slowly so that the soil can absorb as much moisture as it can.

  4. Fertilize the plant

    During the winter and the early summer, give Japanese andromeda fertilizer made for plants that prefer acidic soil. A camellia or azalea fertilizer can be used to improve the soil's nutrients and change the pH level. Follow the suggestions on the manufacturer's label.

  5. Prune only if necessary

    The shape of Japanese andromeda is naturally aesthetically pleasing, so most gardeners allow it to grow freely. Any necessary trimming should be performed after the flowers decline.

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