How Do You Care for Philodendron Plants?


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Overall, philodendron plants require minimal care and grow well indoors, but keeping the soil moist ensures the plant remains healthy, and direct sunlight is best avoided if possible. Adding diluted liquid fertilizer once a month is also recommended.

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How Do You Care for Philodendron Plants?
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Philodendron plants have a tendency to climb if not trimmed, but this can often be used to guide the plant up a pole or around a shelf. Trimming will result in a much more bushy and compact plant, whereas leaving it to climb can create an equally pleasant indoor feature.

Although it can climb to over 4 feet, the philodendron can stay in a fairly small pot, with little attention required. It is advisable, however, to re-pot the plant every few years or so, in order to keep it healthy.

The philodendron is a tropical plant, so prefers humidity. That said, it is also very tolerant of dry air conditions, and will grow equally well in such an environment. Humid conditions, however, will bring the best out of the plant.

Another advantage of the plant is that it copes well in low or dim light conditions. Again, these are not necessarily ideal for growing conditions, but the plant will not suffer any major ill-effects if kept in darker than normal environments.

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