How Do You Care for a Phalaenopsis Orchid?


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The American Orchid Society explains that if a Phalaenopsis orchid is potted in bark, it needs to be watered once a week, while those planted in moss must be watered when the moss feels dry. It is also best to water the plant in the morning. The plants require low light, so they should be placed in an east-facing window.

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According to the American Orchid Society, the Phalaenopsis orchid is one of the easiest types of orchids to grow in the home. During summer months, the plant requires more frequent waterings, while it needs less water during the winter. Tepid water should be used when watering the plant, and salt-softened or distilled water should not be used. Place the plant in the sink, and allow the water to run through the plant for approximately a minute. Then, leave the plant in the sink and allow it to drain completely.

If the orchid is placed in a window that faces south or west, a sheer curtain should also be used to block the amount of light that the plant receives. The leaves of the Phalaenopsis orchid should be olive green in color. Darker-colored leaves mean that the plant is not receiving enough sunlight, while red-tinged leaves mean that the plant is receiving too much sunlight.

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