How Do You Care for a Persian Shield Plant?

How Do You Care for a Persian Shield Plant?

Caring for a Persian shield plant is a maintenance project that lasts for the entire life of the plant itself. You need a spray bottle, soil, soft water and lights.

  1. Maintain good conditions for the plant

    Ensure that your soil is rich and often moist, and make sure the room you have chosen to house your plant can support it. You need to have bright lights turned on regularly to encourage growth. Additionally, Persian shield plants need to be kept in rooms with temperatures greater than 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Mist daily with soft water

    Fill a spray bottle with water and leave it somewhere near the Persian shield plant. Every day, give the plant a gentle misting by squeezing the trigger of the spray bottle. Attempt to evenly distribute the water across all of the plant's leaves.

  3. Pinch when necessary

    Make sure you examine your plant regularly. If your Persian shield plant starts to look too tall or floppy, you can begin to pinch the ends of it. To pinch your plant, use your fingers and squeeze the thin, crisp stems of the plant near the tops until they no longer function. This helps to keep the plant from overgrowing.