How Do You Care for Pendleton Blankets?

Pendleton blankets do not need to be cleaned after every use, since wool has a tendency to repel dirt. Most Pendleton blankets should not be washed, as washing tends to shrink blankets even when using cold water. Dry clean the blanket, then store to protect from moths.

  1. Dry clean your Pendleton blanket

    Take your Pendleton blanket to the dry cleaner for cleaning. Blankets should be removed from the dry cleaner's plastic bag for storage.

  2. Store blankets with mothballs

    Store Pendleton blankets in airtight plastic containers. Include mothballs or crystals in the containers to protect the blankets from destruction by moth larvae.

  3. Use ozone treatments to remove odors

    Take your Pendleton blanket to a dry cleaner for an ozone treatment if it picks up organic odors that cannot be cleaned away. Fire restoration services can also provide ozone treatments.