How Do You Care for Pebble TEC Pools?


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Pebble Tech pools should be brushed daily with a nylon-bristled, long-handled pool brush for the first week. The company recommends National Plastic Council Standards be followed for initial pool setup and ongoing maintenance of water chemistry. Proper pool maintenance allows owners to avoid many problems.

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The consequences of inadequate pool maintenance range from scaling and damage to the pool surface to health problems for those who swim in an unsanitary pool. The best way for a pool owner to deal with pool problems is to keep them from happening in the first place by properly maintaining the water chemistry and by making sure that the circulation system is adequate and running properly. After initial pool setup, ongoing routine maintenance requires adding chlorine or bromine to sanitize the pool, shocking the pool to remove swimmer debris, testing samples of pool water to ensure a correct water balance, skimming and vacuuming the pool daily, changing pool filters at required intervals, and making sure all pool hardware elements are in good shape and functioning properly. In addition, a pool must be carefully closed for the winter by draining the pool and pool lines, adding antifreeze to the lines and covering the pool with a heavy-duty cover to keep debris and animals out.

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